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Frequently Asked Questions & How To

how to cook mushrooms

Growing gourmet mushrooms from our mushroom grow kits is a fun and easy way to cultivate your own fresh and tasty mushrooms at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Choose a Mushroom Kit

1. Choose Your Kit

We offer various types of gourmet mushroom kits that are easy to grow right from the box and typically produce a full bloom of ready to harvest mushrooms within 1 to 2 week depending on the variety.

Open Box

2. Open

It’s time to grow! Open the kit by tearing out the perforated cardboard circle on the box to expose the plastic bag inside

Cut Box

3. Cut

Using a clean and sharp knife or utility knife, cut an X into the bag.


4. Mist

Mist 3 times daily with tap water using the provided mister and watch your mushrooms grow. Note: In drier climates mist more frequently.

Mushrooms recipe

5. Enjoy

Enjoy your mushrooms with some of our favorite recipes. View our website to find out more.

Detailed Directions Below

Your Spray and Grow Mushroom Kit contains a bag with colonized block of mushroom mycelium. It will appear whiteish to different shades of light brown depending on the variety of mushroom. Don’t worry it is not mold. It is healthy Mycelium from which your delicious mushrooms will grow! Follow the directions below to enjoy the freshest gourmet mushrooms possible. Always thoroughly cook your mushrooms before eating.

  1. Open the front of your kit by completely removing and disposing of the perforated disk located on the front of the box.
  1. Slice a large ‘X’ into the plastic with a sharp knife or scissors. Make sure that the ‘X’ is cut across the entire opening.
  1. Open the top of your box and remove the sprayer and instruction booklet. Close the top of the box. Fill the sprayer with tap water and generously spritz the plastic where you sliced your ‘X’ shape. Spritz your kit 2 to 4 times daily – If you’re in a particularly dry climate, spritz more often and consider making a humidity tent. (See directions for “Making a Humidity Tent” below) Your mushrooms will thrive at higher humidity levels. If the humidity is too low your mushrooms could dry out and not produce to their full potential.
  1. Place your Spray & Grow Kit in the most humid part of your home and outside of direct sunlight. We like putting ours in the kitchen and close to the sink. Once open and watered, the mushroom mycelium will sense the oxygen in the air and start to produce mushroom “pins” which are tiny “baby mushrooms”.
  1. Typically it takes 5-14 days for the pins to form. Once pins begin to form, your mushrooms will begin to grow quickly. Keeping your mushrooms in a warmer environment (70+ degrees) will allow them to grow quicker. Mushrooms should be ready to harvest 2-5 days after the pins begin to form.
  1. Harvest your mushrooms by cutting them flush at the box. Alternatively, they can be harvested by pulling them off the box with a simple pull and twist motion.
  1. Enjoy your mushrooms by cooking them in your favorite mushroom dish. You can also visit the recipe section of our website where you will find some of our favorite mushroom dishes along with several cooking videos and tips.

Please note, the sooner you cook and consume your mushrooms the better. Mushrooms always taste better when fresh! If you can’t use them immediately, we recommend storing them in the fridge in a paper bag. Your mushrooms will remain fresh for a few days. You can also dehydrate your mushrooms to increase their shelf life.

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